Android vs Iphone

What Fits Best to Your Needs: Android or iPhone

The two major players in this growing market of smart phones are fighting very closely to set themselves as the best for users. Well, both of the Android phones and iPhone has their own efficacy which extremely depends on what you are looking for.


iPhone Body is made with aluminum material which makes it more safer for accidental protection while Android’s new smart phones are coming with glass body which is comparatively fragile compare to aluminum. You can also get plastic bodied or aluminum bodied smart phones too in Android range.

Processor and Speed:

The newest iPhone version comes with Apple A9 processor which has unbeatable speed then the newest Android models with variety of Intel processors. Where iPhone lacks in this category is its perfection in multitasking thread.

RAM and Storage Space:

The apple phones comes with an inbuilt 2 GB RAM and a range of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB memory space options. The memory space are not expandable in iPhone where the Android phones comes with a RAM capacity range from 2GB onwards and the storage spaces are easily expandable.

Camera and Pixel Density:

Android phones come with a range of cameras from awful quality to terrific quality depending on the phone model where iPhone are playing consistently great in this area. The rear camera and the front camera in Android offer a wide range of megapixel and pixel density varying with different models.

Size and Weight:

The latest Android phone is the thinnest and lightest phone where Apple is still lacking in this competition. Apple phones are consistently lighter and thinner with slight variation in each model where android has a wide range of models.

Near Field Communication

In both iPhone and Android’s latest models offer this amazing features and supports 4G.

Apps and Search Facility

Android wins the competition with its amazing apps organizing features and Android’s widgets add the cherry on it. Both have them have a fantastic apps collection in their respective stores. Apple wins the search criteria as apple’s spotlight searches more stuff then Google does.


You can get Android phones from very cheap rate to the higher priced models varying in offered features and facilities. The iPhone has a consistent pricing which is comparatively costlier then Androids but that is what makes iPhone prestigious and a status symbol.

Moreover, it is hard to decide who wins in the android vs. iPhone competition as choosing between the models depends totally on your need, pocket and choice.

Posted : 2016-02-20   /   by admin

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