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 Methods for Setup | Configure Gmail in Outlook 2016 for Windows

The popularity of Gmail has been increasing day by day. Users are demanding more and more options that would help them in accessing their own Gmail account from every type of gadgets and client e-mail software. Hence, the designers of this amazing e-mail service have come up with settings that allow any user to get access to their e-mail accounts through separate user interface.

You can now configure Gmail in Outlook for Windows with some very easy steps, but make sure that you follow all your steps. In addition to this consideration, you should also ask yourself a number of times whether you really want to configure Gmail settings along with your Outlook account.

If you have already thought the whole process over and have finally decided to carry forward the setting process, you should take care that you follow the following steps:

First of all, you should see that IMAP can be accessed through Gmail. To do this, you should be logging on to Gmail.


1.      Click on the settings option


2.      Opt for settings in the menu board


3.      As the window appears, click on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’


4.      Next, you should click on the option that says ‘Enable IMAP’


5.      Clive ‘Save’


6.      If you wish, you can now sign out from Gmail.

With all the above mentioned steps having been completed, you should now go for setting the Outlook 2016 for your e-mail service. The following steps shall be helpful:

1.      Go to outlook 2016


2.      Click on the ‘File Ribbon’


3.      Go to ‘Account Settings’ in the ‘Account settings option’


4.      Choose ‘New’


5.      Go for the option ‘Manual Setup or Additional Server Types’


6.      Click ‘Next’


7.      Choose ‘POP’ or ‘IMAP’


8.      Click ‘Next’


9.      Fill up all your personal details such as name, e-mail address, account type, mail server (both incoming and outgoing) along with your logon information


10.  Click on ‘Outgoing Server’


11.  Tick on the box saying ‘My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication’


12.  Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.


13.  Insert the correct criteria for the ports asking for incoming as well as outgoing servers


14.  Click OK.


15.  Click on ‘Next’


16.  Dismiss the dialog box by clicking ‘Close’


17.  Click ‘Finish’


18.  Click ‘Close’ again to come out from the Account Settings dialog box


With all these steps correctly followed, you can now get access to your own Gmail account from your preferred gadget that supports Outlook. When you are done with all the above mentioned steps, you shall be able to send as well as receive e-mails from the server itself.

The rising popularity and easy-going interface of Gmail has made it so popular that the users are on the verge of desiring Google’s famous e-mail service for all their precious gadgets. Availing Gmail for your preferred client e-mail enables you to get the most of your e-mail id whenever and wherever you need it. The client email server may be anything. It may be Mac or else Outlook. Gmail has separate settings and configurations for each of the client e-mail softwares and you do not have to worry about its functionality because it is being operated from some other server.

However, it should be kept in mind that when you opt for accessing your Gmail account from other client servers, the usage limit of your own account becomes restricted. If you deliberately wish to violate the restrictions, Google has every authority to block your account.

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