How to Add Gmail Signature

Learn how to personalize your mails with Signature

Wondering How to add Gmail signature for better marketing or mere decency? The process is simple and gives you full freedom to choose your own content to show as your signature. Learn how you can add a signature to better personalize your mails and account and add a touch good old letter writing to your mails.

How to add Gmail signature?

To add signature to your account, you will need to access your account settings. Settings can be accessed by clicking on the gear button that is given on the right side of your screen. It is given right next to the input tools option (the icon lying next to the older and newer mails option). Once you click on it, a dropdown menu will open with settings listed right under the option for configure inbox. Clicking on settings will help you reach the settings page for your Gmail account. Remember that this page only reflects the settings and controls for your Gmail account profile and not the associated Google plus profile. If you want to access the Google plus profile, you will need to click on your image icon (the round picture of your account given on right, top) and then click on the my account option.

For now, let's get back to Signature option:

Once you have accessed settings for your account, you will directly be taken to the general tab page where you will find the option for editing or adding or modifying your signature by scrolling down the page.

There are two options given right adjacent to the signature option:

1.    No signature (if you choose this, your outgoing mails will not have any automated signature but will show any manual signature that you choose to add on your own for the individual mail)

2.    Signature box where editing can be done

To begin typing your signature, you will have to check the round circle given in front of it. By clicking on it, you will be given the option to type your chosen signature in the box. So, begin typing your text and if you want to add any formatting effects, click on the formatting options for font, size, color, text color, background color, alignment, etc options to design your format. Furthermore, you can attach an image to your signature in addition to a link (for a social media profile or a specific url that you are promoting or your website), even a quote, etc.

You can choose the information you want reflected in your signature based on the type of signature you want. If your email is only for personal work then you wouldn't want to include your professional information and it would probably be very informal with certain nouns and adjectives that reflect your personality. For an informal signature, making one similar to informal profiles on forum works better as you can add a sharp or witty one liner and also include any joke or information that you want your personal contacts to know.

If you are keen or advertising your own brand on a personal level then including your own website or your professional or bran profile along with brand quotes will help.

Adding a signature is a great tactic for free of cost marketing as anyone you send emails to is bound to see the information included at bottom so if you are aiming at getting higher engagement from visitors for your profile or website then including a url will work best for you.

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