How to Change Apple Id on Iphone

Find easy help on changing apple ID on iphone permanently and temporarily

Here are the steps that official Apple help website provides on how to change apple id on iphone:

Go to settings and click on icloud for iOS device. If you find the sign for signing in then you can easily change your Apple ID now but if not, follow these steps:

1.    Click on Sign Out option. In iOS 7 version or previous ones, the option to Delete Account would get your singed out of icloud and may prevent you from getting some of your data so don't try that and follow sign out option.

2.    Click on Keep on My iphone option or Delete from My iphone option as per your preferences

3.    Type your password 

Now, open Settings  and choose icloud option and type the information for you Apple ID and password. Now, choose sign in option and open your new account.

It is possible that you may be asked for your previous identity or account every time you sign in to your new Apple ID. For this, you can use your old or new APPLE id temporarily.

Here is how to modify your Apple ID on a temporary basis.

1.    Open your Apple ID page and choose manage Apple ID option and then click on login option with the current Apple id

2.    Choose Edit option that is given right next to the Apple ID and then choose the Primary Email Address

3.    Type your  new Apple ID as the email address that you are being asked by icloud to login with and you won't need to verify this one.

4.    Now, click on log out of My Apple ID option.

Now, also sign out of any icloud  on either of the device that you are using. And then click on settings, go to icloud  and choose sign out again.

Now you will need to click on sign out or delete may account for further confirmation and then you can follow the same options as given above for changing the account and then complete the confirmation process.  If the steps don't work then you can use the option of temporarily changing your ID again however, if that doesn't work either you can also trying modifying the settings through help from Apple customer support.

Official help can be sought from the help website of Apple technical center or you can call any of the Apple help numbers to get toll free service over phone. Or you can chat with third party professionals to find easy help on the matter. The third parties offer convenient at home service so you can get a pickup of your Smartphone or tab arranged if you are not available for onsite help. Or you can choose to get at home help by getting immediate service from the third parties.

If you are have taken a maintenance package form a nearby located reputed third party then you can try getting help through your agent in contact. By seeking consultation over phone, you will be provided with valuable information on how to perform the steps on changing Apple ID on phone and you can furthermore seek easy help on the matter through professional team as well if third party option doesn't work out.

However, it is recommended that you send an email or post a query at the official Forum

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