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A service that is globally used must have language preferences interface available so people accessing the service from different parts of the world, remote or not, have access and understanding of what they are looking for in the language they understand. Like all other search engines and browsers, users of Google, and its services like Google chrome, Gmail, etc are provided the option of changing their language.

How to change language in Gmail?

Changing language settings in Gmail is easy and here is how the Gmail tech support lists the steps to change the language in any Gmail account:

1.    Open your account and then access settings (gear button given on the top right corner)

2.    When you open settings, the page will state Gmail display language option on the top where you can click to find a language section

Further, you can choose the language you want your Gmail page displayed in and then click on save changes to keep your page that way. However, users may have to seek Google translate tool help to translate the messages from their origin language to the preferred language since changing display language will not translate any of the messages that have been send in different languages.

The Google Translate tool can be used for free of cost online as it helps in translating the text directly that you can copy and page in the empty field and further select the languages as per your preferences. You can also use an entire url for translating the entire page of the URL. Google as a search engine and Google chrome as a browser also provides the option of customizing language so you can check the language option at the bottom, next to settings, advertising and other options and choose from the options available on Google Interface.

Since Gmail is used globally, enabling distinct languages is not just a matter of convenience but rather functioning and wider application so people of different language can also make use of the service. English is widely spoken all over the world but there are still numerous who don't understand or speak English or speak it as a second language and are not very good at it. So, enabling the language option helps global masses in utilizing the service without the worry of lack of personalizing option.

If you can't find the option for language in your Gmail, Google search engine home page or the browser either then try seeking Gmail tech support help on the forum or toll free numbers for instant response.

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