How to Change Your Youtube Name on Ipad Mini

Get quick and informative steps to change the name of Youtube on mini iPad

Are you accessing Youtube on your mini iPad? Do you want to change your account name? Do you not know how to change your Youtube name on iPad mini? Don’t worry. You can get online help by browsing Youtube online help page or you can contact to an authentic Youtiube support service provider. You will get quick and comprehensive support from there.    

Rename the user name of YouTube, it may at first seem impossible, since there is no button or option in YouTube that lets you alter or edit a user name directly. To do this, you can delete your current YouTube account and move your old videos to your new account with a new username.

If you want to rename that then you need to follow the below given steps. May these steps will be helpful for you:


  1. Sign into your YouTube account. You need to make a list of every aspect of your current account you want to move to the new account. It uses a new document of any word processor to list all of your subscriptions and favorite videos from YouTube. Copy and paste the links of videos and channels in the document, so you can quickly and easily access them again.
  2. Clears your current account when you're sure you have copied and pasted it. You can delete your account by going to "Account Options" to click on "Manage Account" and select "Delete account".
  3. Create a new YouTube account to give click on "Create Account" on the home page of the site. This time, enter the username you want. Be sure to click on "Check Availability" to see if your new user name has not been used by someone else, if you are already taken, YouTube offers a variety of user names slightly different.
  4. Full details that YouTube needed to create your new account. Choose "I accept" to accept the terms of YouTube policy.
  5. Back to subscribe and to choose your favorite videos you recorded previously. Copy and paste the links in the document where LinkBar your Internet browser. Dale click "Custom" or "Subscribe" to add videos to your new account.
  6. Reloads any video you've previously stored on your old account. Once you're done, your new YouTube account must be exactly the same as the old, but with a new username.


After performing the above given steps you can successfully change the name of your Youtube account on your mini iPad. If you are still experiencing difficulty in how to change your Youtube name on iPad mini then contact to a third party technical support service provider. You will get informative and instant help from there.

Posted : 2016-02-23   /   by admin

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