How to Configure At&T Email with Outlook 2007

Find Easy Help for Synchronizing Information with Your Outlook 2007 Account

If you want to see all of your At&t mail with outlook in one place then using the confirmation option for adding your email to outlook will be the best option for you. Learn how you can add your At&t email to your existing outlook 2007 profile with this simple information.

How to configure at&t email with outlook 2007?

Here is the process that you need to follow if you want to add your AT&T email to outlook 2007 through configuration. You will just need to add a new email account to your current profile in outlook so follow these steps:

1.    Access your Outlook 2007 account and then choose the tools option and then open Account Settings and further press the new button 

2.    Now, click on the radio option (listed adjacent to the Microsoft Exchange, POP3, etc option) and then press next

3.    Click on check button in front of the option for Manually configure server settings and then move forward with next

4.    Choose radio button (given next to the option for Internet E-mail) and then press next again 

5.    Look for the User Information section and add the suitable information for username, email, display name, etc 

6.    Type the follow information in your Server Information field:

Ø  Incoming Mail (

Ø  Outgoing Mail (

7.    Type the following details in your Logon Information section:

Ø  User Name (full email address)

Ø  Password (password) 

8.    Also click on the remember password option

9.    Then option the option for more settings and click on the Outgoing Server tab for verification of My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option and my incoming mail server settings 

10. Open the advanced tab option to verify the port information for you POP3 and SMTP options (should be 995 and 465 respectively)  

Finally, click on okay and then finish button.

If you are having trouble setting up the account then open AT&T technical Support and get help through forum support option or you can choose the service offered by helpline. You can also contact Yahoo for getting help if there is any authentication or synchronization issue with your IMAP account.

If your process for setting up has been finished successfully then you will need to check that all of your AT&T mail has been loaded to verify that your account has been well synchronized. If the account is not loading your information then it is possible that they may have been some sort of confirmation error or you may have accidentally entered wrong information. So, remove the profile and perform the process for adding your account for AT&T again. 

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