How to Configure IP Address in Linux

Getting IP address configured on your Linux easily

Numerous people use Linux as it is a simple, open-source and free of cost alternative to other paid operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, etc. If you are looking for instructions on how to configure IP address in Linux system then read on to find the instructions:

Every node that works in networking requires a valid IP address and while using Linux commands, a prompt IP address is configured by the network configuration window automatically. You can specifically invoke window by choosing a network configuration sub menu from the option for setup command or you can directly try executing commands for system-configuration-network.  Follow these steps to get an IP address assigned to your Linux:

1.    Open setup command form root user and as you do so, you will see a new window for network configuration

2.    As the new window opens, you will find all available LAN cards so choose the LAN card that you want to and if you don't get one there then you may have to install driver

3.    Now assign your IP in the box and then choose okay option

4.    When you click okay option, choose the quit option and then choose quit again to access root prompt option

Another process is that you can also choose to use the option for system-configuration-network command directly to open the window for assigning IP address.  

If you need help with your LAN card then you may have to look for help on the official Linux blogs or tutorials for help. Numerous services are offered for a variety of problems that users may come across such as not being able to use the direct command or unable to save the settings. However, help can be sought in most easiest ways through third party services and effective official Linux help.

Third parties experts and independent bloggers often discuss certain issues that are commonly asked by users online so you can check for the forum solutions to get your query on how to fix Linux IP address configuration Issues resolved. Also, if you have been a long time use of Microsoft Windows  or Apple's MAC OS X then you may have to look for help on the terminology of Ubuntu's Linux system to get your confusions regarding certain terms resolved.

There are more than one ways of getting your Linux configured for IP address so you can also try the alternatives to complete the process within least time. For any help, you should get in touch with the official service provider for technical support of Linux. 

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