how to create Gmail account for Kids

Get an Independent and Secure Mailing Account for Your Child with Gmail Services

Today having an email account has become a mandatory requirement for everyone and often children under the age of 18 also need one to communicate with their schools, family members or friends. But Gmail has restricts their rule for account opening with the condition of only above the age of 18 years person can register for Gmail services. Many people often call customer care with “how to create gmail account for kids” question as Gmail does not accept any account creation under 18 year of age. What one can do is to create an account with the child’s name but with the parent’s birth date to create the account and thereafter create strong filters to limit the account use.

·         Start with normal account creation process in Gmail by going to the account sign up page and fill out the registration form with your child’s information. In the field of birth date enter your birthdates instead of child to avoid request cancellation.

·         On the next step skip the option to creating a public profile for your child account to keep it safe and secure.

·         Now when it will redirect you to the account page, click on the “gear” icon at the top right corner of your mail page and click on “settings” from the drop-down menu.

·         Now go to “Filters” tab and start with creating a filter for the incoming mails. In the approved list add in the email addresses for who can mail your child and create the filter.

It is recommended that you review your child’s mail often to keep an eye on what your child is doing with this mail account.

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