How to Create Skype New Account

Get help on creating a brand new Skype account

Skype account creation is a simple and easy process that doesn't take longer than a few minutes. In fact, it is a lot of like signing up for any other service online and requires you to use a valid email service. Here are the steps that you should follow if you want to create a Skype account as per the How to create Skype account tutorial from Skype support.

1.    Go to the official Skype website or any other third party website and look for the free of cost Skype Setup and when you have found it, download it

2.    When your download is complete, you will get the option of run or save or cancel so choose run to begin the installation setup

3.    One your Skype has been installed, you will be shown the Skype dialog box in a blue color and if you are not being shown such a box then just click on the icon for Skype from your desktop (or taskbar) to launch it and you will see the new window where create an account will be listed at the bottom 

4.    This option will open a new page in your web browser where you will be required to fill up these details

5.    Type your valid and existing email address and when doing so, make sure that your email account stays accessible since it will directly contain all of your Skype associated emails (such as promotions or recovery links, etc). Thus ensure that it is not shared and is secure and that you don't intend to disable the email Id in the foreseeable future. 

6.    Now, pick your Skype Name and type it. It doesn't need to be your real name but if you are making professional account or are going to have clients or professional personnel added to your account then it is recommended that you go for your own name and if that's not available then pick something that doesn't sound tacky and sassy. Your username is required be not lesser than 6 characters and not bigger than 32 characters. Also, choose a letter to start with and add any symbols (as per the allowed ones) to make it unique so that it will be available.

Finally, Skype Technical support recommends that you fully read and understand the terms and conditions and privacy policy before you choose the accept option. With this final step, your account will be created and you will get the option of importing your contacts for which you can use your sign up Email address or any other email address.

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