How to Create Wordpress Account

Learn how you can create yourself a Wordpress account

You can choose a beginner or premium or business account for which the availability of convenient features like ecommerce service, video press, free blog, support (community, email based, live chat, etc), custom design for the website, advertisement (no ads or ads), etc will differ. The premium and business account have different options for payments so you can choose from the different packages as per your budget.

You can also buy a domain as the comes for free but other domains like .biz, .co, .tv, etc come for a specific charge. The options are easily available at the page of account creation where you can also choose the specific type of account you want. Also, if you have already created account before and now want better features then you can choose the upgrade to premium or business option for higher features and more convenience.

To create the account, you will just have to include your details like username for the url along with your email address and then you will need provide more information based on your profile selection. Once you have created the account, you can choose the option of personalizing the profile so through that you can add more information to your profile.

How to create Wordpress account information is also detailed with the tutorial or community forum information of Wordpress. If you have any complaints while creating the account then you can simple use the tutorials to find help. If you are unable to access your account on Wordpress then you can try looking for verification threads for activation in your listed email address and further seek help through email or live chat if you have premium or business accounts.

Posted : 2015-08-28   /   by admin

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