How to Format Computer Windows 8

Get help on learning how to format computer in window 8 

Formatting any drives that have been connected to your system in Windows 8 is easy but you can't format the specific partition that comprises the information on Windows 8 files. Latter requires starting the operating system installation to format this drive or using an erasing program. Here are the steps to format a computer with windows 8:

1.    Turn your PC on to begin your Windows normally and then connect it with a DVD or USB flash drive and then restart your pc

2.    When your PC starts again, press any key to initiate boot through DVD or USB flash drive.

3.    If you have started your PC with the current windows version then you may have to use boot menu or boot order change (PC's BIOS or UEFI settings ) option to begin its booting through media.

4.    You can open the boot menu or modify boot order by pressing specific combination keys soon as your PC begins running. Check the online or handy manuals for information on how you boot your PC or modify boot order.

5.    If the current version of your Windows is running then  wait a little until you are prompted to sign by the Windows and then shutdown completely and then initiate restart on your PC again

6.    As you reach the Install Windows option, choose your language and other preferences as per your requirement and then click on next option

7.    Now choose Install windows option

8.    You will now be prompted to type your product key to initiate activation of Windows page (For product key, look for the information on your Windows box) 

9.    Read the license terms and choose Accept or decline as per your take on the conditions and license terms and then press next if you have accepted 

10. When prompted to answer type of installation, choose custom option

11. When prompted to choose location of installing windows,  click on the partition in windows 8.1 and then choose the formatting option by following the instructions on the dialog box

12. If you are using Windows 8 then you will need to use the Drive options (advanced) and then choose the partition that you want to modify and further follow instructions to complete the process

13. When formatting is done, click on finish and next

Now, you will be given the instructions step by step if you want to finish the installation of Windows.

If you are having trouble following the formatting process in windows 8 then you can try using the option for windows help on How to format computer windows 8 from Microsoft but you will need to look for help through forums if you are encountering a step specific problem. If the process is not working or if you are encountering issues with booting of your computer or aren't able to connect external media with your computer then look for help on your system through your professional vendor based on the guarantee or you can call a third party to get help  on how to fix the complaint.

Checking online tutorials on learning how to format PC on windows 8 can also help Microsoft has numerous tutorials available eon the steps so you can match your steps and then complete the process as per your version of windows installed. You can also call for onsite or remote access service to get assistance. 

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