How to Install and Uninstall Window 10 on MAC

Learn how you can install and uninstall windows 10 on your MAC

Newly launched Windows 10 have the at home feel of the older versions that our preceding generation couldn't stop raving about and the practicality of the recent versions. Nevertheless, if you want to install it on your MAC, here is what you should consider:

1.    Updated OS X version (minimum 2GB RAM)

2.    At least 30GB free space on hard drive

3.    Genuine Key for the Windows 10 product (unless you are using the trial)

4.    At least 16GB USB flash drive (and all necessary Boot Camp drivers)

5.    Genuine Windows 10 ISO file (Find it online at the Microsoft website)

How to install Windows 10 on Mac via Boot camp

1.    Open Boot Camp Assistant and perform a Spotlight Search 

2.    Click both options given under ‘Select Tasks’ 

3.    Attach your USB flash drive and choose your .iso file

4.    Choose Continue when you get the warning informing you regarding formatting and press continue again

5.    Wait a while till Boot Camp Assistant copies your necessary Windows files to USB drive (the speed depends on your internet connection and system performance)

6.    As your USB drive is done receiving all data, you will be prompted to create Windows partition so choose a minimum of 30GB for the new Windows 10 and then select install

7.    As the required partition will be created, and then your MAC will be rebooted

8.    When your MAC restarts, you will access the Windows Setup screen

9.    Now, give your product key when prompted and then choose Boot Camp partition regarding the location to install Windows

10. With complete Windows installation, your Mac will reboot to the new windows

11. Setup a login account and then install necessary Boot Camp drivers and include all information on your data from the USB drive to your MAC

With complete rebooting and data navigation, your MAC will be ready with the new fully functional Windows 10.

How to uninstall window 10 on MAC?

1.    Open your Mac through OS X  and then close all the open apps and make sure that you are logged out of any users.

2.    Now, start the Boot Camp Assistant and then choose continue

3.    Choose the option of “Remove Windows 7 or later version,” and then click on the continue option again

4.    Choose any of these options:

5.    If your Mac is using a single internal disk then press restore option

6.    If there are multiple internal disks used in your MAC choose the Windows disk and then press click on “Restore disk to a single OS X partition,” and then use continue button

The process will be slightly different if you want to uninstall Windows 10 following a single partition as the above process works for multiple partitions: 

1.    Open MAC

2.    Go to Disk Utility (look in the Other folder in the Launch pad option)

3.    Choose Windows disk and then press Erase and then click on Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format

4.    Now, choose the Erase button

The process for uninstalling is fairly simple and hassle free and doesn't take long at all. However, when installing, you may have to invest longer duration since there are two options virtual and boot camp. The official Apple support website informs about the installation process and common errors that users may come across. Forum discussions can be sought to if you are unable to install your windows 10 through the aforementioned steps.


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