How to Post Pictures on Facebook

Personalize your Facebook with your photographs

Want to make your Facebook feed more engaging but don't know how to? Adding pictures to your profile is the perfect option for making it more engaging. Here is How to post pictures on Facebook:

Facebook doesn't exactly follow a visual format but does offer a mélange of visual as well as text based option for sharing information. In simpler works, it is a great way of socializing and who wouldn't want to share images? Visuals influence people more than works and given the amount of time people spend browsing through their feed, they only give few seconds to every post so posting visuals through images or videos makes it possible for anyone to influence their followers or friends in a short period of time that merely spans few seconds. Here is how you can post pictures on your timeline and get more followers:

Posting pictures on timelines means that you make those visible to your friends or everyone who used facebook or can view information on facebook through a search browser. Facebook has certain security settings that you can use to prevent certain people from viewing your pictures and this can be done by choosing the view settings.

To post the pictures, you need click on the attach image option in your write post option that you can find on home page (given at the top of your feed) or on your own timeline. If you want to add an album of photos then you can upload numerous photographs and given it a name and a specific description that will show in the collective caption for the images. If you want to caption every image individually then you can do that by using the edit option for single image. By choosing this option, you will also be allowed to list the date, place of this photograph and you can also tag the person you were with when the image was clicked. Or you can tag your friends who you want to dedicate the picture to as per your preferences.

If you only want to upload one photo on your timeline with no albums then you can just choose the upload image option from the write post on and then use the caption option to give details to your image. You can choose to leave the detail option empty and not give any description or tags as per your choice.

If you want to add pictures to an existing album then Facebook technical support recommends that you use the add more pictures option by choosing the album you want to add to.   

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