How to Reset Gmail Password with Alternate Email

Help on resetting Gmail password with recovery email address

Can't login to your account or worried that you may be using an old password and don't remember the current one? Don't worry and get access to account with password resetting.

How to reset Gmail password with alternate email

If you have lost your Gmail password then you can use the simple method of Gmail password resetprocess to fix the problem. The option of changing Gmail password works by confirming your identity and then giving the option of changing it after the identity has been proven.

Here is what the process steps are:

1.    go to the login page and access your account

2.    click on the option for need help or forgot password

3.    choose forgot my password option as your reason for the password resetting process

4.    now type your email to provide Google of your identity and then provide the Captcha and then press submit option

5.    now chose your choice of recovery option and here is where your recovery email address helps you out

Your recovery email address helps by being the platform for getting you the confirmation code. so you can get the mail with confirmation code in this email and access it and use it reset your password.

Resetting of password can be used when you want to access your account after having forgotten your password or if you fear that your account has been hacked into and the hacker has changed your password. So, in such a case where you lack the information to access your account directly, using recovery address or recovery mobile number helps.

Furthermore, updating the mobile number and email address is strongly recommended to all users since it helps in keeping the hackers and unwanted elements from accessing your information. a major problem that users complain of is that they never sought to confirm or verify their password recovery information. This happens widely with those who are new to email service and are a bit afraid of how to handle their personal information online. Lack of trust and reliability on the Gmail or any other email service provider's system of managing personal information also accounts to such problems. So, if you are dealing with such a problem, it is best that you first inform yourself on how you can protect your account and then choose the suitable ways of enabling security for your account. You can choose from adding numerous or only one recovery email address and mobile number or any one of them along with enabling the 2 step verification option.

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