How to Uninstall Apps on Android

How to uninstall applications from your Android phone?

To uninstall apps on android, you can follow three distinct methods that barely take a few minutes. If you want to learn how to uninstall apps on android then you can seek information through the Google play help center that provides complete help on removal, uninstallation, temporary block, cache cleaning, etc of applications on android phone.

If you want to remove one or more apps from your Android phone, follow these steps:

1.    Go to settings

2.    Go to applications manager option

3.    Choose the application that you would like to uninstall and the new page will display options of clean cache, history (data saved in a particular app) along with the option to remove it permanently or uninstall it

4.    Now, choose uninstall

With these steps, your app would cease working and the shortcut icon or any listing from your applications page will be removed.

For other processes on deleting applications, you can find help through the Google play or specific phone support website or manual for your model. However, the basic solution to removing or uninstalling an application is via removing its information from the settings page. If you can't find the application manager then simply look for the option that states application on your general menu of settings and then locate the specific application that intend to remove. Also, you can't remove multiple applications at once and you will have to open each one of them in the settings page and then choose remove or uninstall option to clear its data and setup from your phone.

For any assistance requirement while removing applications, you can contact the official Android service company (the phone company) or  in case of malware complaints, contacting third parties would also help  vastly. While you are doing so, make sure that any data that you wouldn't want removed has been stored someplace else. 

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